Badass Filipino Female Bands

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There's one thing I'll expect a feminist to say in an advocacy speech, except for "Screw Daniel Smith!" And that's "Girls rock!"
And hell they do.

I noticed how much of a pessimistic blog this has been, and just to make things even, I'll post something that really exalt the Filipino spirit. Here I say "yahoo" to Pinoy music, by citing some of the female rockers I love. Let's see how good I am in being nice.  

Well, there can only be two classifications for the songs found in my iTunes library: rock, and semi-pop (yes pal, I just invented that). And there are only three languages you'd here from them: English, Japanese (there's just one song, I promise), and Filipino. For the English songs, they range from hardcore metal, to cozy genres like that of Sarah McLachlan and Dido. The Japanese song I have is the song from Death Note--the loud one. For the OPM songs, what I have are girly stuffs, like Tony Gonzaga and Rachel Anne Go. Kidding.
It's pretty weird that in all the Filipino bands I listen to, only few have a male vocalist--and the rest, of course, are female. The dudes who won my ears (shit!) are those of Pedicab and Kjwan. All the following you'd read below have gorgeous female vocalists whose voices get into the level of Alanis Morissette. Or maybe even exceed it.

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