Angono, Rizal: "The Art Capital of the Philippines"

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Baptized after the Philippines National Hero - Jose Rizal, the drowsy province of Rizal sits on a craggy terrain east of Manila and surrounded by Laguna de Bay on the south. Although often forgotten by local tourists unlike its other neighbors in CALABARZON, Rizal has its own iridescent cultural treasures and natural attractions to flaunt.

Earning the moniker "The Art Capital of the Philippines", Angono is one of the humble towns of the province of Rizal. It is the hometown of two Philippine National Artists - Carlos "Botong" Francisco - the greatest muralist in the country and Maestro Lucio D. San Pedro - a prominent figure in the country's music industry. Angono is dotted with art galleries and museums by local artists but it is the discovery of the oldest known artwork in the country called Angono Petroglyphs that added more fervor to Rizal's title as the major art haven in the Philippines.

If you need a quick weekend escape from the urban sprawl, here's a list of things to do when you're in Angono.


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